Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Favorite Things 2007

Blame Chandelle, she made me do it...

Lisa, Artemis,Emily, Janet, Lessie, G, Chandelle my gosh, did I leave anyone out?

Discovering "The Wire". Hands down the best television on the air right now (new season in two weeks, yay) Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!!! and here's one of my favorite scenes.

"Mad Men"- Second best television show this year. Those clothes, that furniture and the main character...what a hunk!(yes, I used the word! He really is.) And if you're a feminist, it will either make you grateful or give you reason to grind your teeth and curse at the T.V.

Discovering blogging (maybe that was 06?) not that I have anything important to say but it sure is fun

Getting to know my daughter as a girl becoming a woman. Scary and and wonderful all at the same time

My Young Women. I might not have stayed in the church if it wasn't for my calling with these girls. I'm supposed to teach them. Instead, I see it as an opportunity to let them talk.

Renewing my recommend. 2 years since my last visit to the temple. It's nice to know that I am a member of The Church because I want to be, not because someone expects it of me. On my terms and when the times comes, on His terms.

My neighborhood. living on the west side of the city, I get to be in a ward with alls sorts of folks. Diversity is good for the white man.

My '07 Felt road bike. yeah, I'm still a little squirly on it but I like the "go fastness" of it and can't wait for spring.

Discovering dark chocolate-thank the women of fMh for that.

Julie Rose. It's been fun having a friend to watch and discuss every little detail of "Mad Men" with. Too bad she's moving to Charlotte, NC in a week. (I will miss you tons!)

The Bourne Ultimatum. It could just be Matt Damon but I have loved every one of these movies and last night, I squealed in delight as I watched the final installment.

Falling in love with yarn-- again. (Actually, it's a sickness)
oh hunny bought me a new digi camera and a Sansa e260 this year. I'm finally succumbing to technology. Perhaps I will get dsl in '08? I can dream...

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