Monday, February 2, 2009

25 things (so I will stop getting tagged) about me.

Here's a little something that was going around on Facebook. I figured since I went through the trouble to type it up, I might as well be efficient and make it a blog post.

1. I think people who use their cell phones while driving are selfish and dangerous assholes. I also think that people who talk about private things on their cell phones in public places shouldn’t be offended when I offer them a sock to shove in their mouths. (yeah, I realize I just offended everyone I know but this is supposed to be things you didn’t know about me and I value my right to life and my husband’s right to life more than I value your right to chat/text while you are driving )

2. I love to dig in the dirt and work outdoors but my back doesn’t. I’ve had chronic back problems since I was a sophomore in high school. The doctor said at my first visit that I better get used to the pain because I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. She was right.

3. I always carry a knife and vintage handkerchief on me-even when I wear a dress/skirt and heels. (I have a drippy nose.)

4. Though I don’t dress like it, I love expensive high-end clothing. I also have a really good sense of style but I’m way to practical to dress the part on a day to day basis. I’m also too practical to spend the money on really expensive clothes. Everything I own/wear comes from a thrift store, is a hand me down or is from Ross/TJ Maxx and was deeply discounted ( I won’t buy it if it isn’t on clearance)

5. I hate spending money. I love saving money. You wouldn’t know it by the amount of crap I have piled on every surface in my house.

6. I am a chronic surface abuser. No flat surface is safe from my piles.

7. I am the laziest person you will ever meet.

8. I have shitty self esteem and I always assume everyone hates me and I second guess everything I say and do. I’ve tried to get over this my whole life but the best I can do is just manage my anxiety.

9. I'm a klutz. I trip, fall, slip, knock things over. You can't take me anywhere because I will embarrass you.

10. I taught myself to snowboard when I was in my mid 20’s. I also taught snowboarding-the same season I learned how to ride. It’s the only thing I’ve ever been madly passionately in love with. It’s what brought me to Utah.

11. I live a quiet, almost boring life. I will almost always chose to stay in but should I have to go out, I will dress up and put make- up on—because I never go out!!

12. I can make things with yarn. Gloves, mittens, scarves, hats, dolls. I know dozens of stitches and I have about 24 skeins of yarn and unfinished projects sitting next to my bed. I also have several hundred skeins of yard around the house and in the storage shed. It’s a sickness.

13. I used to be a series 3 licensed commodities broker. I started as temp office assistant.
I was one of 4 or 5 female brokers in an office of 75+ men. Never ever tell me that I can’t do something because I will show you otherwise.

14. I’m impatient and bitchy and totally irrational most of the time.

15. I didn’t want to get married because I didn’t want to have to share my space and life with someone. It's a good think Niel came along and made me share.

16. I have dial up internet because I’m too cheap to pay for broadband. I also have cable tv and HBO but I watch it on a 17" TV for the same reasons. (I haven’t figured it out yet either)

17. I foster shelter dogs and teach them some manners so they can get adopted. It’s really simple- I show them how to walk on a lead without pulling (at my side) , how to take food nicely and how to wait before entering a doorway or stairway. Works every time!

18. I used to live in Laguna Hills, Ca. I would spend every weekend in the winter in the mountains and every weekend in the summer/ spring at the beach. I miss the beach but I love the mountains more. I don’t miss California too much.

19. I used to have several secret fantasies they are:
a. to have the body of a Ms. Fitness competitor
b. to be able to play the guitar and sing like Ani Difranco
c. to compete in boarder cross race

20. Currently, my favorite place is the Tetons in late September/ early October. There’s just no way to describe the beauty of that park in full fall color. Add in the light, late season traffic, and that place is like heaven.

21. I used to play the bass guitar. I saved all my money when I was in jr high and with some help from my cousin bought one. I taught myself how to play it but later sold it because my then husband made me. I regret that. I have an acoustic 6 string and I know many chords and how to play it but I suck because I don’t ever practice. I always mean to practice, I always wish to practice but I’m just not driven enough (maybe you should tell me that I will never be able to play because I’m just not good enough)

22. Speaking of regrets, I only have a few…I regret not realizing my childhood dream of being a sound engineer, I regret not going to university after high school, I regret not going to University when I moved to Utah, I regret not finishing my degree when I got married in 05, I regret not actually taking the snowboard racing seriously when I was younger and I really regret not being a better mother to Hannah-I should have spent more time hugging, singing, reading and playing with her. Now, I’m to cranky and stubborn to make up for it. If I could change one of them, it would be be the last one.

23. I have no talents. Seriously. Not one.

24. I love to swim and lift weights. I don’t like to run. Hiking is tolerable only because it’s the only way to experience a national park.

25. I’m so sorry for all of you who actually read this.

oh one more, I'm worried about getting older and losing my looks (because it's always been about my looks, right?) but I think it's totally stupid that girls get all dressed up and wear heels on campus in the winter. just today, i saw a girl with knee high socks, short shorts, and heels walking up the hill to the Union. wtf?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi. I'm back for a few minutes.

You'd think with all of the changes in my life in the last 30 days, I'd have much to say, but I don't.

I'm just too lazy but I know a few of you have wondered where I've been...

I was laid off from TSC the first week of January-something to do with not being able to get loans for the construction projects- so I added 3 classes to my schedule-I am now a full time student at the University of Utah.

I am not, nor do I plan to look for work in the near future. Thanks to a good savings and a partner who is (currently) working, I will be able to meet all of my financial commitments while I finish my schooling this semester. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that NF doesn't become another victim of the financial mess our country is in.

I'm an environmental studies major and I'm also planning to get BS in geography for fun. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with trying to save our species.

My house is cleaner than it's been in years and that awful pain in my shoulder, the one that paralyzes me when I'm washing dishes or making dinner, it hasn't visited me in 3 weeks. I am much more pleasant now and I think it's because I currently have no stress or if I do, it doesn't bother me.

I've decided that I never want to work in an office again (did you know there's light in the day and sometimes, it's warm and breezy?) and that full time student status is much more fun. I'll let you know how that works out.

Oh, the best part about getting laid off? I can now use public transportation every day- I don't have to drive during the week. It's freaking awesome. (and I've lost weight too)

So there, I'm doing great. I pouted for about an hour after I got word of losing my income but in that same hour, I added classes to my schedule. I'm not one to give up an opportunity and this major change is certainly one of them. I've been through worse things in my life so big changes don't always scare me- I just plow ahead and keep moving forward.

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