Monday, August 13, 2007

higway riding...

After a short bout with shoulder tendinitis, I am back to commuting on the bike. I forgot how my puny 20 miles per hour is no match to for a double semi whizzing by at 50 mph, spewing its roost onto my face, reminding me that there's less than three feet between me and my death. Combine that with 100 degree temperatures and poor air quality and you're looking at a real good time.

Last week, on my way home from work, I got ran off the road. Wasn't anything serious-- this time. As I looked up the road to offer words of encouragement accompanied with some sign language, I noticed the lady behind the wheel was on the phone--head down and completely oblivious to what just happened. She was literally within inches of hitting me and had no clue that my life dangled in her fingertips.

As an individual that doesn't have a cell phone (nor does my spouse) I just don't understand what could possibly be so important that can't wait until you are not operating a vehicle.

So please, next time you are tempted to check your texts messages, voice mail or caller ID whilst you are driving, exercise a bit of self control and remember that you are taking my life in your hands to satisfy a curiosity or save a few minutes.


  1. I've noticed, for reals, that the worst offenders via cell phones in Cedar City are contracters, guys driving big 4 wheel drives with crap in the back.

    They have one hand on the wheel and are talking quickly, probably issuing instructions and in a hurry and distracted by many things.

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