Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gracious Hosts

Seriously! What is the point in having a personal blog? "everyone else has one?" That is precisely the problem, the blogsphere is saturated with the personal musings of nobodies like myself. Really, who cares that I don't like watering my lawn in the middle of August?

If it isn't obvious, my lack of talent in the writing department is fueling this rant. My inability to trust what I have written and actually "post" is also a major contributor to my frustration today.

The reality is that without blogging, my light would be dim. Without blogging, I wouldn't have the opportunity to publicly call "bullshit" on folks when they are acting like idiots. The world that once revolved around me, has undergone a major remodel and has room for everyone now. Thanks to blogging, my workday has meaning. And most importantly, without blogging, I wouldn't have developed a wonderful group of friends with whom life as a latter day saint seems doable.

So here goes a public "Thank You" to all of those folks out there that generously let me take up space on their blogs and have gone out of their way to let me know they're listening to lil ol me.

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