Monday, November 19, 2007

Have I Seen the Hand of God Today? 11/18/07

Today was a glorious fall day. Blue skies, temps in the 60's with a slight breeze. As Belle and I were walking to church we started talking about testimony and how it comes to each individual.

It was also one of those rare opportunities in which a mother and her teenage daughter open up and talk truthfully about the gospel of Jesus Christ and what it means to be a woman of God. We both decided that we liked what we were doing and we didn't want it to end so we continued our walk around the church parking, continued our discussion and got to know each other a little bit more. WOW! A sacrament meeting to remember.


  1. that is beautiful. i can't wait to have such conversations with willow (well, not exactly the same, but you know...), although i am sad to realize that they'll be few and far between once she reaches that age. but that really just makes it more precious, doesn't it?

  2. "although i am sad to realize that they'll be few and far between once she reaches that age."
    seems like me and belle are having more of those these discussions these days. I think they need their moms more at this age.

    it's starts when they are young and I am a firm believer that nothing is too taboo to discuss.

  3. sounds like a beautiful sunday!

  4. g...

    funny you should post, I was thinking about you on my way home from work last night and from the looks of it, you picked up on my thoughts.

  5. Yep, picked up your vibes.

  6. That is really sweet. My dad and I have had many of those moments. Truly, they are something to treasure.


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