Monday, September 22, 2008

I like bikes. I like boys. I like boys on bikes a lot! But this...

I really LOVE this!

(from the Economist)


  1. Hey, that's gratuitous! :P

    I'm surprised that Jana hasn't commented on this yet...

  2. he he he... my first thought was ... WOAH! That would feel really weird naked... second thought...


    I shan't tell you for it would be unbecoming of a lady...

    oh, wait...

    That's not me.!! Hot!! (and with closer inspection, can you see anything you're not supposed to see)

  3. I still haven't caught my breath from my FIRST viewing...

    (and I gotta say... mel's fantasy about BEING THE BIKE..... AAAHHHHH!!!!)

  4. it's bad bad bad that i said that, i know.

  5. hey mfranti, I was thinking... If you wanted I could photoshop a visual of your little fantasy. I'd call it "interpretation of mfranti as a road bike. with rider."

    (how's that for gratuitous?)

  6. he's not affecting me quite the same way that he's moving you and G, but he does have an incredible...physique.

    But just as commentary, this does seem to be a rare example of a male version of how women's bodies are continuously used in the media to draw attention to completely unrelated material. As such, I think this is a great educational material, (for all kinds of reasons). :)

  7. ya know mel, JohnR has a point. maybe it would have been more fair if you had also posted a pic of some fat bottomed biker girls?

    then at least both genders could get a lift?

  8. My first thought was "that must be painful." My second thought was "he doesn't have a single tan line." My third thought, I think I will not share, except to say, thank you for the pic. Niiiiiice.

  9. I just noticed! There's lines in the background, apparently some sort of informative graph thingie. Pshaw. MMmmmm.

  10. Okay, there is only one song which would do this post justice (particularly considering the unexpected consequence of the filming of the video). In honor of M, lets belt it out!

    "I want to ride my bi-cy-CLE,
    I want to ride my-y biiiike,
    I want to ride my by-cy-CLE,
    I want to ride it where I like!"

    (best band EVER)

  11. (Sorry I was late; I've not been keeping up with my blog reading lately).


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