Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good things this week

i'm not a big shopper mostly because i hate being a consumer but sometimes you just got to break down, swallow your principles and get that new "thing" you think you gotta have. this week i helped the local economy a bit more than ususal and spent some of that money sitting in the bank.

so heres the first purchase i made: get'm get'm guitar strap. can anyone tell me what i like about this?

second guitar related purchase. shubb capo bar. i had no idea! i can't believe it took me so long to get one. anyways, i plan to make many beautiful hours of music with this little piece of metal and rubber.

last Friday I finally dragged my ass to the eye doctor and look what i got. i feel pretty, oh so pretty.

and this was my little project tuesday night. henna. what a friggin mess. i smelled like a barn for two days,even with my hair up in a bun. but this morning i let it down and this is what i got. wow! thank you chandelle for talking me into it. it feels great. it looks great and i only smell like a chicken coop now.


  1. You play guitar? That's awesome! Do you also read music? My dad plays guitar by ear, and tried to teach me, and I got too impatient, and now I wish I'd learned.

    Your glasses look great. I love getting new glasses.

    And forgive my ignorance, but did the henna change your hair color and it just not show in the picture, or did you just do the nutrient henna wash thingy? Coloring my hair would be fun. I'm letting it grow out, so there are all kinds of possibilities out there once it's long again.

  2. guitar: yeah, a little bit. i bought my first bass when I was 15-16 years old, sold it when I found out I was prego and acquired an acoustic about 10 years ago. but utah was not good for my mental state and I gave it up for many years--until last fall. i play by ear because reading any kind of instructions taxes my brain.

    it's really fun to put your headphones on, hear the chords and then play along. i still have much work to do with finger picking though and since i am just an average woman, i guess i wont be performing on stage anytime soon.

    henna: i used dark brown to match my natural hair color. it didn't change the color, only add depth to the color and make it feel and look like a million bucks. i highly recommend it, just know, it's a pain in the ass to apply and wash out.

    lessie, it's not too late to learn to play the guitar. you could find one online for a few bucks (or ask your dad?) and get yourself a book or two and some videos from the library. your children will love it and you can sing to them.

  3. AWESOME!!!

    (I have a box of henna sitting right here next to me... a little of my harvested hair soaking in a bit of it's muddy contents, and a tiny dollop of it smudged behind my left ear to see if I will have any sort of reaction. why am I so anxious about this? I used to do this all the time?)

    Love the guitar strap and the eyeglasses too!

  4. g,

    can you tell from the poorly lit picture that my hair is in good shape?

    i don't even have to use product on it right now and I am loving it.

    i put a link on the blog to the brand i used so click on it. does all henna have to be muddy and difficult to work with?

    take pictures of your hair too.

  5. it looks silky luscious.
    I'll think I'll do mine tomorrow.
    (not getting hives from the spot behind my ear, and the sample from my hairbrush turned out good. Houston, we are clear for take-off)

  6. wish I needed glasses, then I could come a tiny bit closer to looking as cool as you.
    maybe next year (after all this time on the computer takes it toll on my retinas)

  7. I'm so glad to see that you're picking up that guitar. Can we schedule a sing-a-long? Love the glasses!

  8. So when are you going to play something for me?

  9. So when are you going to play something for me?

  10. gorgeous glasses!

    Sigh..I need to learn to play my guitar. maybe I'll learn this year.


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