Thursday, January 31, 2008

week end

this is what nf and I did friday:

and as a family on saturday night:

looks like more of the same, right? well kinda. the saturday night show was better (and i thought the friday night show rocked) the only downside for me was standing in a 1'x1' space back stage on account of belle being a minor.

being a rather large fly on the wall has its advantages, though. like, i learned that those who perform need to be told what city they are in

(that's will daily of boston on stage)

and there are vital tools required for a successful show

...and hydration is a must

these are my two favorites. i really love michael's guitar straps.

but really, the best part of the night was watching my 14 year old marvel at being under age in a 21 and over nightclub (she was back stage where it's legal) hanging out in the green room conversing with bona-fide rock stars and finally, finally meeting uncle mike.

to all of you that I offered tickets too-- you missed two great shows and I missed you!


  1. Hannah was on cloud nine when she came over here on Sunday morning. She couldn't stop talking about the great time she had and how amazing Michael is.

  2. aw man! it looks awesome. and what a hottie! :) i love dreadies.

  3. SO FUN!!!
    what a cool experience for Belle!

    (and I second chandelle... Michael is SUCH a hottie!)

  4. I third Chandelle. Total hottie!

  5. i had a big crush on Michael the first time i met him. (I was giddy for days after the first meeting.)

    first of all, he's really tall and when he gives you a hug, his arms and shoulders totally embrace your whole body and you seem to disappear into him. second, all of the positive energy that he has comes rushing into you and you instantly become a gushing teenage girl meeting a rockstar and you forget how to act (and he aint bad to look at-my god his beauty is striking, no?)
    and third, his music is so positive and charged with energy and makes you want to do something when you listen to it...

    But then i snapped out of it and i realized he can't hold a candle to the man i am fortunate to share my bed with EVERY NIGHT of the year.

  6. i love your backstage photos! the "necessary supplies" and the "Salt Lake City" signs crack me up!!!

    And yeah, that guy is supah hot!

  7. How cool! That "SLC" sign is really funny.


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