Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ode to Bodie: Update-he's been found!

never in the history of dogs has there been a more loyal member to the human family. he didn't rescue buried skiers in snow, nor did he lead the blind or heal the sick. no, he just wagged his tail every morning to our voices when we woke and greeted us at the door--every time. even if it was to check the mail...he was happy to see us. he made us laugh on a daily basis by doing "broncos", eating cat poo, skidding on the hardwood floor, submitting to the cat and being the "tough-dog" when someone would come to the door.

he experienced our joy and happiness and felt our pain equally. he never complained (except when he was outside and knew something fun was going on inside the house) he camped with us, hiked with us, XC skied with us, swam with and slept with us. yes, he is every bit a member to our family. when i found bodie, he was a skinny, sickly, dirty yellow dog from Wasatch Humane. I had no intention of adopting a dog but i thought i could just "look" and possibly walk some of the dogs as a gesture of kindness. after visiting with some of the dogs-none of them making an impression, i came across "Lincoln". we went for a little walk around the neighborhood where nf was living at the time hoping to catch him at home. we actually ran into him on the street and from there continued to walk the dog. there was something about this pooch that we loved so we opted to foster him for a few months. after a bath and some medication, we knew he was ours.

many hours of patience have gone into this dog. he's crapped sick dog poo all over the house many times. he's chewed on my car's seat belts, he's destroyed furniture, clothes books and more. he sheds in the summer, he sheds in the winter, hell he sheds all the figgen time. he brings dirt and mud into the house, he smells, he whines to go out, he whines to come in.

with the exception of mud, dirt and fur tumbleweeds on the floor, bodie has been the most well behaved, docile, and willing to be trained animal i have ever worked with. because of him, i've started fostering shelter dogs and training them so that they have a better chance at adoption.

bodie is and has been the center of our home. he's often the glue that unites the family. might sound strange but there's something about the humility of a dog to remind you to be human.

we love you mr. pink!

love momma, papa, and sister


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss M. Losing a pet can be such a big blow to the family. I hope you guys are doing well otherwise.

  2. Amazing how much a difference that sort of unconditional love can make in the world, isn't it? We certainly need dogs (and people) who can be heroic and accomplish great things. But we need sources of ordinary love just as much.

  3. oh Mel, I'm so sorry.
    are you doing okay?

  4. (((mel))) He sounds like a wonderful, wonderful dog. I'm so sorry, for all of you. How wonderful that he found you.


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