Monday, March 3, 2008


new guy: is that NPR?

me: yeah (reaching to turn it down) is it too loud? i try to keep it low so it doesn't bother folks.

new guy: no-not too loud. so are you a hillary supporter?

folks. what's wrong with this exchange?


  1. i think it's bizarre that a) NPR is supposedly only for liberals, because it's truly the most neutral thing out there, and b) assuming you ARE a liberal because you listen to NPR, you must be a "hillary supporter." what?!

  2. I told Artemis about this and she said that if the new guy was listening to Sean Hannity, i would assume he was republican.

    that might be true, however, i would have had the good sense not to ask him about voting for Mitt Romney.

    and you are right about NPR. it's pretty centrist. but then again, you don't work in my office where allegiance is pledged to Ronald Regan on a daily basis and railing on socialists, i mean, dems-hillary and obama- is a perfectly natural occurrence.

    btw, my bos thinks it's cute to introduce me as "our resident liberal" because i listen to NPR and don't think we should be bombing the middle east.

    oh....the stories.

  3. SIGH.

    Yes, it would be a fairly (though not entirely) good assumption that someone who listened to Hannity is conservative. Hannity is promoting a conservative message. NPR, on the other hand, is not promoting a particular agenda. They simply present information, usually from several different perspectives.

    Of course, for most of the reflexively conservative people in our beloved state, anything that does not actively promote the conservative message is automatically liberal (and anti-religious, and communist, and so forth). And we all know that Hillary is the epitome of liberalism (and homosexuality, and atheism, and sloth, and lust, and avarice, and hate...won’t somebody please think of the children!).

    Yep, I entirely understand your exasperation here.


  4. i have southpark in the head now, derek.

    you comment is spot on...


  5. sooo... just how did you respond to that tactful question?

  6. me: actually, i'm an obama supporter.

    new guy: so does that mean you think the government should pay for healthcare?

    yeah, it's just keeps getting better n better.

  7. new guy sounds like a charming individual.

    (does the sarcasim in that statement read okay?)

    hey, I just heard Hillary got ohio and rode Island, but Barak got vermont.

    texas, anyone?

    what a ride this primary has been.

  8. only liberals like unbiased news sources.



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