Thursday, March 6, 2008

poochie update

shortly after i posted bodie's obituary, i felt inspired to skip my usual friday routine of snowboarding and headed straight down to the animal control.

there he was, in the last batch of kennels in the back of the building. just staring at me as if to say, "i'm sorry- i won't be bad anymore." i didn't recognize him. i had seen so many yellow dogs in my search that he looked like another dog that looked like my dog. and his reaction to me was less than i anticipated. he was rather subdued. i expected a spaztic bodie, one that was thrilled to see me. one that knew he was gonna be rescued.

so, i gave him a few hand signals and sure enough, he responded like a pro. man i love that kid.

SO--i thought if i changed to the title of that blog post and a few words, it would just sound like i was expressing gratitude for my dog.

sorry if i mislead you.


  1. OOOOh, I totally missed that he'd run away. I'm glad he's back.

  2. I actually didn't think it was an obituary until I read the comments and then saw the "loss" label.... I figured the other folks who posted keep in better touch with you.

    I'm SO GLAD you found him. When my cats have gotten out, I just about go nuts trying to locate them.

  3. oh WHEW!
    ya, I totally thought he had died. so glad you have him back!


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