Thursday, April 17, 2008

for love of ...

my goodness!! i just looked at the date of my last post and realized it's been forever since i updated this thing. so no great mind blowing posts here-no. what i have for you is a quick update of the last two or three weeks.

my bidies have all their feathers so they are out of the bathroom and into a poorly constructed pen/coop area that i created on the fly last night. i also added a couple of new girls to the mix. they are older, bigger and way prettier. i'm also clearing paths in my superfund site of a back yard hoping that the girls will eat all the weeds in the next two weeks. ( i can hope)

the snowboard season is over as of last week and i predict that i will have all sorts of anxiety come friday since i won't get to head up the canyon for my weekly ride. i guess i can continue to work on the coop and continue the cleaning but that's not nearly as fun.

it's playoff season. that means that the soundtrack to my evenings includes announcer's voices, cheering fans and bad 90's butt rock music. good times. (actually i like hockey, just not every night) it also means that dh is compeltely busy the whole night flipping through every game. this gives me incentive to continue working outside.

i should be training for the little red riding hood century but i just can't bring myself to 1. wake up early and hit the trainer and 2. ride after work when i have so much work to do. i've got way too many excuses, don't i?

we are going to arches next weekend with fmhlisa and fam. that means i have to clean my house and my back yard because lisa is a gardening diva and i would be ashamed for her to see the mess.

and...i've been so busy with fMh and my yard that I haven't had much time devote to you guys.

love you all.


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  1. oh, have fun at arches! (and say hi to lisa)


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