Tuesday, April 22, 2008

earth day.

happy earth day now go take the bus or train to work. can't do that? ride your bike.
if you are like me, and lazy and have to drive (because 5 miles is just too far to walk)make sure your car is aligned and the tires are full of air and in good condition. and while you are at it, clean out the trunk and back seat of your car. driving around that extra stuff reduces your gas mileage and increases you emissions.

next, plant a tree in your back yard (or two or three). if you can't do that, buy a tree and leave it in a container on your porch. buy some plants too, they clean the air around you and enhance your well being.

i won't bother with only buying locally produced stuff because for many of us, that's just not an option. what is an option is for most of us is eating simply. we eat a lot of grains, tortillas and eggs. not a lot of meat/dairy and lots of beans. which brings me to my next to do:

if you have the space, look into chickens and grow your own produce. chickens enhance any organic gardeners backyard in so many ways that it would require a whole 'nother post.(which i plan to do, complete with pictures.) Chickens also give you little gifts in the form of an egg that has been laid by a free range, bug eating, dirt scratching chicken. how can you beat that? and do i even have to mention how much better food tastes when in comes from your own yard and from the sweat of your brow?

lastly, reuse as much as you can. this includes, finding treasures in your neighborhood trash collection, browsing craiglsist, using freecylcle and looking around your own yard to see how you can re-purpose that pile of scrap wood left over from last years shed project. in my case, i built a 10'x4'x3' chicken tractor for the biddies on less than 60 bucks ( for mesh and fencing)

ok. that's enough. i will step down (i never really got up) and let you think about what you can do to reduce your consumption of mother earth.


  1. I'm seriously considering having chickens in my yard. The only problem is that I dont want them to ruin the garden--which I have heard they do. How much do they dig up? Also, have you had problems keeping them in your yard?

  2. hey mfranti, great ideas!

    you should check out this flickr group- it was a earth week challenge, where every day for a week members would pick an earth friendly change to make in their lives (even if it was only for the week) and do it, then photo-document it.
    there were some pretty good ideas. (my flickr name is 'Hi, I'm G'... that's how you can tell which one's are from me)

  3. sorry, this isn't relevant but I didn't want it to get lost in the huge list of comments on your LDS business college posting at FMH.

    Please consider Western Governors University to finish your degree. I did my bachelors there in 5 months and it only cost me 2500 dollars total. It's all online and basically like a whole degree made of clep tests. Study, take the test, move on.


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