Friday, March 13, 2009

Panic Attack or Something Like That

hang with me folks, this is more of a quick random journal entry/vent but it should give you an idea of where my mind is at lately.

My quest for a pressure cooker took me to the Bountiful today. I don't usually like to shop because 1. I don’t like being around all the people and 2. I know that my back will hurt and 3. most definitely, some asshole will attempt to run me over in the parking lot because he was paying more attention to his cell phone, but this was a "necessary" errand that "had" to be run after school.

Something about Fred’s class and the discussion topic had me feeling especially crummy. So as I entered in the Ross store, I immediately felt my anxiety level rise and guilt from being aware of where all that stuff comes from.

I couldn’t tell which was worse, the knowledge that everything I was attracted to (because I like stuff just like everyone else does) had to come from somewhere far, far away, (by hands that do no enjoy the leisure time at a keyboard, like mine do) and if I hadn’t done such a good job of dissociating myself from the real cost of "the stuff" I really wouldn’t want it, OR despite that knowledge, I still wanted "the stuff".


There was no pressure cooker at the Ross, or the TJ Maxx or even the Costco. By the end of my errand in that shopping center, I was ready to be hit by a truck--I felt so helpless.

They say ignorance is bliss. Sometimes, I believe that.

I headed over to the Centerville DI to complete another errand of dropping off my unwanted items and within a second of entering the store, my blood pressure went down and I felt at ease. I Love the DI.

Next stop: the locally owned Dicks for a sugar cookie- handmade in the bakery by college kids.


  1. I could have sworn you'd already procured a pressure cooker. Did I misread something on FB or here?

    Oh, I'm ashamed to admit that I can well relate to getting a nasty case of the Jonesin' for some item or another which goes against my ethics. Usually I can hold out...

  2. ah, DI. I was at our local one yesterday, too. Getting some more drinking glasses, a bowl for the dog's outside drinking water, some books for the kids, a basket for Clive to carry his rat around in, a toy bench for Zion's teddy bear... DI and Savers are probably two of my very favorite stores!

  3. D, i wrote that the day i bought the pressure cooker. it's been sitting in my queue for a few weeks. i've got some others that i'm going to put up here. too scary to put up on fmh.

    i ended up with a super duper nice PC from Macy's. i did some research and realized that it's too risky to buy used and or cheap/low quality.

    mindy, i love the vibe of a thrift store. you just have to have a lot of patience to visit one.

  4. as for wanting it in our dna?

    cos i can usually hold out but i'm so tempted when i walk into a store. i want to have nice things and i wish i didn't.

    and fred's biology class is awesome, only depressing.

  5. I've heard the same thing about pressure cookers; stick to newer ones.

    I don't know whether covetousness is in our DNA or simply part of the "natural man" in all of our souls. I do know it can be a real bitch to fight when I'm at the store.

  6. Occasionally I take a day off from everything. The car heads south, hitting four Savers and six DIs between my house and Sandy. The treasure hunting is for old discontinued china and stoneware and bags of fabric for sewing.

    A brand new DI is going up about two miles from here. I'm so excited!!

    A pressure cooker has never been part of my kitchen arsenal. For some reason they scare me. Crock pots are the weapon of choice. There are three in my cabinets and they are used constantly. I'm a lazy cook.

    Oh, and my car also detours in Bountiful to Parsons Bakery for sugar cookies. Mmmmmm.. Where is Dicks? By a DI or Savers?

  7. Forgot to add that I sincerely dislike shopping for clothing. The mere thought of it can reduce me to tears.

  8. numi,

    there's a dick's next to the centerville DI.

    and if you are a lazy cook then you should love the idea of a pressure cooker. they will cook brown rice and beans and all manner of long cooking whole grains in a fraction of the normal time.

    LOVE IT!!!

  9. It's the whole "pressure" word. When I was little I remember hearing about them exploding so I was always afraid whenever my mom used it. I had one but just never used the pressure thingy. (thingy?)

    I like putting things in the crockpot in the morning and then smelling the aromas all day. Also, my 5 qt pot will make about 8 meals for the two of us. I'm big on freezing soups and sauces. Slow-cooked shredded chicken is a staple in my kitchen and is used in all kinds of meals.

    I have three trips to SLC in the next week. Will definately be stopping by Dicks. Thanks, I think.

  10. DI and sugar cookies - heaven on earth

  11. Uh, now I have cooked my beans in the pressure cooker, but didn't think to cook rice. Is it less time than the rice maker? Probably because of the pressure factor. Me thinks I have something new to try.

    I love DI! I broke my slow cooker today and I thought... I will go to the DI to see if I can find the insert replacement. Huh? Huh? Totally rocks that there actually could be one there and it won't cost 25 dollars.

    Love ya M

  12. apparently i suck at making a point.

    note to self: be more obvious next time.

  13. I hate shopping too. for the same reasons.
    and I love Savers (do we have a DI here? not sure, but we have Savers.)

    glad your blood pressure went down. and that you finally got your pressure cooker.

  14. Sorry I didn't address the point of the post. I was in a rush, just like now, and decided to try to be cute. *hangs head in shame* (while grinning)

  15. Eris and I stopped in Centerville on our way to SLC tonight. At first I was a little confused as I was looking for a Dicks Bakery. But after deciding that it was actually the grocery store we went in and had a couple of those tasty sugar cookies. Also, we brought home an Elmo cookie for the Princess who loves him.

    The cookies were good competition for Parsons Bakery in Colonial Square on 2600 N (?). If you haven't had the ummmm, pleasure, you should to treat yourself to it at least once.

    Dicks had some other interesting things in the bakery that I'll be trying in the future. Damn, my pants are getting tighter just thinking about it.


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