Thursday, April 2, 2009

a little something to make you question your world view.

US population: 304 million, 486 thousand*

US births annually: 4 million, 354 thousand

that's a lot of i pods, cell phones, laptops, cars, seven jeans, and 3000 sf homes

...and a lot of resources. where do they come from? and who really pays?



  1. Who pays? We all do. Did you hear about the Antarctic ice shelf collapsing, and the relatively free Arctic circle? Too depressing.

    Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow.....

  2. based on the amount of comments on this post, i must have said something offensive.

  3. ...and a lot of resources. where do they come from?

    These days, probably mostly China.

    ...and who really pays?

    Certainly not those of us who are buying everything at Wal-Mart or Dollarama.

    Maybe it's not so much who, pays, but rather what pays. All this stuff we're buying is being produced in factories that are raping the world of its resources and then excreting the smoke and waste into the atmosphere, land and water. So maybe it's the environment that is "paying."

  4. And as long as the environment keeps paying, we're eventually all going to pay -- as unimaginable as that may be to those who are still driving their Hummers and living in 3000 sf homes.


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