Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday foolishness...

there's going to be a whole lot of bushy tops marrying muffin tops in the next few years. wonder what the kids will look like?


  1. Ewe, there's hair on your food!

  2. No commment. That is all. Although I suspect "Hair Club for Baked Goods" or some sort of drive by involving Donny Osmond; but I'd need a close-up of the teeth to be sure.

    GeeBee sez "I prefer my muffins with a creamy bouffant."

  3. Is it wrong that I want to market a "baby g" - a nappy with a g-string drawn on so that, when babies are outgrowing one size and their pants are too short and the top of the nappy is showing, they have a whale tail?

    Yeah? It's wrong? Well, I bet it'd be a huge money-maker . . .

  4. Quimby, that reminds me of the SNL "baby thong" skit where two moms are comparing their cute little toddlers. One says, "Yours is cute but look at little Caitlin. She looks so frumpy. It's that big, bulky diaper."

    Then they show the baby thong, which "actually makes more mess than if there were no diaper at all" but makes the rear look shapely and attractive.

    I am going to draw thong strings on all my girls' pull-ups!

  5. is this joke totally lost on you people?

  6. Must be. I'm not very smart in many many ways. Explain please.

  7. My "muffin top" references go only as far as Elaine on Seinfeld and what happens over my belt.

    So which one is it?


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