Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday at Mueller Park

Look! We got a new camera.

Now I have proof that I don't spend all day everyday tuned into fMh or Facebook.
As I've been looking over the many years of pictures, it's obvious to me that n and I are the "couple that does stuff", but not in the adorably cute couple, Les and Christy, kind of way. More like the hey, I need a riding buddy and your proximity makes it convenient, kind of way. (Remember the proximity friend?)

I was trained to believe that couples are supposed to get over each other and activ-a-tate apart after they’ve been married a few years-- but not us. We seem to get more active as we age and I'm not talking about the occasional camping trip or weekly visit to COSTCO. We play hard together and do it often.

This is a *good thing because we get to, hopefully, keep having fun and continue to find interest with each other as the years pass.

It also means that when he wises up and leaves me for some peace and tranquility, he'll not have his built in proximity buddy to do stuff with and end up coming home.

So here are some pics of our most recent outing. I only wish we had bought the camera on Saturday when we rode the Big Water trail at the top of Millcreek Canyon—that’s one gorgeous trail full of fir and aspen trees with a lake at the top of the climb.

These are of Mueller Park Canyon in Bountiful. It’s less than 10 miles from the house to the trail head, and though it aint no Millcreek, it’s a decent climb and fun descent and we can take Mr. Pink along.

it's a long way to the top when you only have four legs.

no, i'm not pregnant!

my hunny is hawt! i think i got the better end of the deal.

*If you don't count all the times I’m “moody” or “irritable” ( if you’re married to a woman you know that's those are code words for bitchy)


  1. David is my favorite friend to do stuff with, but life with 3 kids (especially when one is a baby) causes us to do more trading off than we like. And right now he has way more "friend time" than I do. But it will shift back to a better balance as the baby gets older. I think sharing activities/interests is a great way to keep a marriage strong. And it's fun AND convenient, as you mentioned.

  2. yay for the new camera! fun trip, wow.

    you guys are both hawt. ha! all three of you counting mr pink (love him to bits).

    see you soon :)

  3. What kind of camera?

    I love that area. Jeremy and I are becoming a couple who "does stuff," though we weren't when we first got together. Our weekends are usually spent on some sort of adventure exploring our area.

    (Okay, I've left three comments now! I'm sorry I haven't kept up on your blog. You went a while without posting and I thought you'd given up on it, so I took it off my Reader. I didn't realize you've been posting more frequently.)

  4. geez! i just saw this comment. you took me off your reader? i'm hurt.

    no i'm not.

    it's a little camera with a leica lens. panasonic? i like it and it's slim and light and goes everywhere.

    being a couple that does stuff is good for the marriage/cooupling, i think.


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