Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yoo hoo...Over here...

Now that the party's over and things are getting back to normal 'round here [read: one blog post every four months], I realise that I like having lots of people visiting my place. Even the goofy ones (did you read the last comment in the fMh thread?) The only problem is that I don't like writing and I especially don't like to write about myself, my life, or what I think.

I figure, if I can't stand to hear myself talk, why would anyone else?

I'm kinda at odds here, aint I?


Oh well, you got any suggestions for this problem? Quimby?

What would I have to write about to keep your attention?


  1. I blame quimby and my canadian friends for my mispelling of certain words like "realize" or "organize".

  2. Um, wow. That last comment in the fMh thread...I don't know how to even respond to that. It leaves you wondering....who are these people? And then you realiz(s)e that they're not people, they're trolls, and should be dealt with as such. Just, wow.

    After getting some really mean anonymous comments on my blog that last month or so, I'm trying not to talk myself out of quitting blogging. Apparently, I'm a pretty $hitty person.

  3. that's a very common opinion, risa. it's sad that ppl think that way.

    re. the op...any suggestions?

  4. I'm telling you, write about that e-mail I sent you about footbinding. Ewww!

  5. q, it crossed my mind but i'd have to do all sorts of research on it.

    lemme think on it.

  6. No you wouldn't, you could just pass it off as ver batim truth, like I did to you.

    I mean, when it's as good as that, who the heck cares if it's true or not?

  7. here's where i want to make a joke about not being a republican and living in a real world.

    but i won't.

  8. I have no suggestions regarding the OP. Whatever you write holds my attention. Even if it's every 4 months or so! I started following your blog every now and then after the evil ellipsis troll started ragging on you for your garden. So I came to see what it looked like, and I thought, wow, that's pretty impressive.

  9. oh yeah, tripple dot dude. he shows up all the under various names. he's a mean [insert your own word here].

    i really want to get my mormon history out there but it's so long and there's so much more i want to share than just a timeline.

  10. I think that would be really cool to write about, especially since my own Mormon history isn't the standard Utah-born-and-raised-in-the-church-and-everyone-I-know-and-am-related-to-is-Mormon (that's a long hyphenation!) I love hearing stories like that. When my husband was the Ward Mission Leader, one of my favorite things to do was befriend investigators. One of my very good friends was a convert we met through that calling, who sadly died of Lou Gehrig's disease a few years later. I'm glad I got to know her and be there for her during those last few years of her life. Seeing her change and grow through the Gospel was amazing.

  11. whatever you write will keep me... I'm pretty easily entertained lol

    You could always do a "I'm not cookie-cutter" post. Say why you aren't the normal, run-o-the-mill stereotypical Mormon (loads to go with there) and then why that is good and then invite others to do the same...

    I dunno. Just a thought. Take it or leave it :)

  12. I don't get any trolls over on my blog... could be that mine isn't search-able on the big search engines or that most people don't care what I have to say lol my blog is boring and until recently I even had it on my profile.

    The most I ever go was spam comments about "come check out my site" even though it's on "Mormon Mommy Blogs" (What can I say, I love Sue and couldn't resist when she started that up)

  13. Quim, you're back. It's good to see you. It's been a long lonely winter without your comments.

    Mfranti, you could talk about watching a rock and people would read and completely enjoy what you have to say...

  14. sunshine, that's really nice of you to say that.

  15. Quimby: Nice to know you're still alive.

    Mfranti: I know life doesn't always allow time for blog updates.

    -Mike H.


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