Thursday, May 22, 2008

personal progress

most 14 year olds girls are not known for their wisdom or their ability to see the big picture. no, they've got more important things to worry about like friends, boys and hair. (hair being the most important issue of any day)

but every once in a while, my typical, often self absorbed teenager says something that makes me proud and reminds me that despite all of the cons of raising a teenage girl, there are some pros that give way to tons of hope.

last night the young women went on a service scavenger hunt and as we were near the end of our evening with only seven minutes to go, i suggested that we go to a house we missed on the way up the street.

one of the other young women said "well, they aren't LDS" and as i was about to suggest that we should be willing to knock on any door, not just the familiar ones, my belle sighs heavily, rolls her eyes and says:
that's not right! we can and should serve everyone in our neighborhood.
her statement was a little more dramatic than i prefer but i was impressed with her thinking and her willingness and ability to speak up in a crowd for what she thought was right.

although i'm not positive she would have had the same courage if i wasn't present, i do believe it's a a step in the right direction.

next lesson: tact.


  1. he he, tact being another thing 14 yr old girls are not known for.

    I love it.

    I'm glad for belle, and for you for raising her to think that way (even if she may not have said it if you weren't there)

    (what was the reaction to her dramatic moral lesson?)

  2. What a sweet kid!



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