Tuesday, June 17, 2008

new love

i knew she was out of place in the line up of furniture, rugs and building materials that are typical of a salvage and freight recovery store, but when i saw her my palms got sweaty and my heart started to race.

i just knew something was wrong. i mean,
what's a nice girl like her doing in place like that? didn't they know she didn't belong there?

she's pretty enough all on her own with her beautiful black lines, fully enclosed chain guard and chrome handlebars but the the leather brooks saddle was a dead giveaway that i had indeed found a jewel in a mine of chaos.

so what did i do? i left thinking that it was way
too much money to spend on another bike- until i got home and realized that she was one high priced lady and really hard to come by in the states.

you should have seen me holding my breath and rushing back to the store to take her home. there was just a little anxiety happening on that five mile drive because i was sure that she had gone home with some other person and all my traffic violations were in vain.

but to my surprise she was right where i left her- waiting behind the patio furniture. her price tag was too high for the other competition and the better woman won.

so...here i am. it's monday and we've spent the entire weekend together visiting neighbors and friends, riding into the city to eat and cruising liberty park. it seems we are a good match too. she likes all the attention from the public and i get to pedal around the city in style.

new love, even if fleeting, is a wonderful thing.


  1. It's perfect for you! I'm so envious. Congrats. :)

  2. She looks great! I guess we won't be able to get our families together for a dinner out. Your bike would be ashamed to be seen in public with ours ;)

  3. That is just gorgeous. The bike of my dreams. I have to ask...did you find it at NPS/Market Square? (wondering if there is there another fab damaged freight store in SLC I should know about.)

    (You don't know me btw, I linked over from FMH.)

  4. bbh,

    i've been to your flickr page before. i don't remember when or how i got there but i remember your work.

    do we have a mutual friend? have we met? ( i know you said i don't know you but it's just too familiar)

    and yeah, on my first trip to market square, i saw that bike. i know for sure that you just don't run into bikes like that!

    i thought i would sell it at first, but i'm having way too much fun.

    if i decide to sell it...you will be on my list of potential buyers

  5. love it! did it come with the basket? My bicycle basket looks almost identical to that. It's perfect for carrying my dog, treats to the neighbors, stuff to scouts, a picnic, anything. It might look a bit out of place on my mountain bike, but I don't care! I wish I lived closer to you--I'd love to cycle around twon together.

  6. mindy,

    i didn't get the basket. i figured it got lost or damaged in shipping.

    i did go to freddy's and picked up a dark brown willow basket for the rear and a chrome metal basket for the front and yeah... i look pretty dang cute coming from the community garden loaded down with swiss chard, carrots and other veggies.

    if you'd like, we can swap baskets.

    i would love to have the basket in the picture.



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