Thursday, June 5, 2008

bad day.

monday i ordered toner for my ancient copier and it just got off the plane today and into my hands. i followed the instructions, shook the tube, up-down and side-to-side and then i looked at the little tab and said "this is going to be messy", quickly dismissed my thoughts and pulled the tab. because that's what the directions said to do.

last i remember was a plume of black smoke heading for straight for my face and then....blackout. when i took off my glasses to survey the damage, nothing but black all over the walls, copier, tables; the entire kitchen was a mess and i worried how i was ever going to clean it up.

of course, i wanted to cry because i'm all alone and completely covered from head to toe in black soot. i looked like i just came out of a coal mine. my new, polysester, fly collar shirt from the D.I- completely trashed.

so i head to the bathroom to clean up and the thought occurred to my pathetic self that instead of just telling my co-workers about my afternoon, a proper viewing is in order because everyone can use a good laugh at 3:30 in the afternoon.

here's me taking on for the team. have a good laugh. on me.

hey, i get some new clothes, compliments of tsc out of this.


  1. That would suck. What a fiasco!

    Gotta admit, though, the picture is pretty funny. Especially with the clear rings from your glasses. Looks like something straight out of a bad sitcom. Definitely one for the scrapbook.

    Last time I had to replace a color cartridge for my inkjet, I had a similar, if smaller problem when I pulled the tab. My right hand was cyan for three days. Luckily nothing got on the carpet.

  2. I've done this myself, more than once. I think it's inherent in the design.

  3. i always have problems when i change that toner.

    oh well. until next time...


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