Friday, June 20, 2008

record me

so you all know i did the radio thing on wednesday. i may not have said much because my co-bloggers are just so brilliant (and deserved all the air time) but when i did speak i was calm and didn't sound nervous. i was very nervous.

anyways. i just went back and hear the interview again and i've decided that i like my radio voice. this is a big deal to me because i don't like my voice when i hear it on the answer phone.

i'm thinking i might have to follow julie's example and do some recordings of books for the nephews (yes, they are all boys), practice my special talent of voices and sounds, and then maybe do something on an actual radio station-again.

thanks to all that listened. your positive feedback was much appreciated.

anecdote: when i was in the 5th or 6th grade i was asked by a substitute teacher about career ambitions. i said that i would like to be an announcer on the radio.

his reply: well, you have to have have a good voice for that.

now i realize that he might have been stating the obvious but it really did hurt my feelings ( it must have- i can still remember the room and tone of his voice) shortly thereafter, i decided that i would be a record producer instead-as you can see...that worked out.


  1. Somehow I missed the fact that you guys were going to be on the radio. Bummer. I'll have to listen to it later. Congrats for the publicity!

    And yes, you do have a nice voice.

  2. You have a great voice. Most people have great voices, I think. Far more important is the ability to convey warmth and confidence when you're speaking into a microphone in an empty room. And far more important than all of that is having something to say. You're a story teller, hence a natural on the radio!

  3. I cant get the audio to play. arrrgggghhh!!!
    will try another way.

    I can TOTALLY see you as a radio diva, and I think the audio-book thing for postertiy is a great idea.


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