Thursday, August 14, 2008

calling BS

why the fuss over all of of michael phelps' medals?

yep. i'm that crotchety old lady, the one that has a big bug up her ass that says it's not that big of a deal. he just has more options available to him. that's all.

i'm pretty sure that all of the sports in the olympics require the same amount of dedication, training and effort (some even have a higher danger factor) and yet there is only one medal to be won. i don't see the press giving all those athletes the same superstar, brad pitt kind of attention.

shame on you media! (c'mon i know better)

so there mister- i pod wearing, head bobbing, i'm too cool to talk to you because i've got lots of new bling around my neck and i'm the fastest swimmer in the world- phelps!!

i'm not that impressed. noticed i inserted, "that" into the sentence. i'm a swimmer too. i know you work hard. i know its a big accomplishment to win the races like you do. i just think you are getting way too much attention.

but you have a really nice body, so i will watch cos i'm easy that way.


  1. Leave it to Melanie.
    I'm not going to resent Michael. He actually seems maybe humble about it all. In fact, good for him for picking the right sport that gives lots of opportunity for medals. Those other one-gold suckers can only blame themselves or maybe their parents. Don't worry, swimming is almost over. I'm sure other celebrities will emerge (probably undeservingly). I think the real issue here is the full body swimsuits. That's disgusting.

  2. leave it to melanie?


    actually, i don't resent michael. it's great what he's doing. he's earned his spot on the podium

    i resent the amount of attention paid to all of his medals.

    does that make sense or should i delete this post?

    perhaps i should delete it.


  3. I don't know, he seems to come off as pretty down to earth inspite of the epic attention being given to him (due to his epic accomplishments)

    yea, he is making total bank, and EVERYONE knows who he is... but watching him swim thrills me every time.

    (plus, he looks like my little bro. so much. so I gotta love the guy)

    now what would be devistating to me would be some scandal, him being revealed as doing some horrible thing... and with all the attention and hype he is getting, I worry about THAT more and more.

  4. that's funny...

    i don't see him as down to earth. for sure i'm projecting because both of the comments see him otherwise

    chritian vande velde, that' guy comes across as down to earth.

    i am still willing to remove this post if it's too offensive.

    let me know.

  5. offensive? naw!
    it's fun talking Olympic stuff. :)

  6. I want more of dara torres, personally. WOW WOW WOW!

  7. Absolutely not offensive.
    It's fun and funny to discuss. I hope you could sense the sarcasm in my first comment. Leave it to M means you're pretty much the BS police. Meant as compliment.

  8. oh, i take that compliment

    funny you say that. i'm pretty sure G said that about me when we first met.

    actually, most people say that when they meet me.

  9. Funny, I thought the same thing about Phelps. He is a good swimmer, not to cute, but really, why go out and join his fan club. He's just another guy who did something great... You know you are going to see a whole lot more media attention from it too...


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