Thursday, August 28, 2008

good news-finally

What's better than finding an egg on the coop floor after a month of no eggs? 2 eggs in the nesting box a couple days later.

Monday, my RIR, Ruby, gave us a present, she layed her first egg next to a fake easter egg in the nesting box. Wednesday after work, I found two eggs in the nesting box. That means the Barred Rock, Violet took a cue from her sister-hen and chose to use the box.

This is great. I don't like searching the coop for eggs.

Up next to lay: The white hens. They are about 28 weeks and due any day.

Come on over for breakfast anytime! I will fry up some taters and scramble some eggs for you.


  1. Congrats on the chickens "coming home to roost" so to speak ;)

  2. yay! the layers are laying!

    you've got some huevos! :)


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