Monday, August 18, 2008

wordpress account?

hi guys,

i'm setting up a wordpress account.

those that read and comment here (thanks to all 3 of you), would you prefer i stay here at blogger or move over to WP?

let me know your thoughts.



  1. Stay here--I prefer the Blogger style/format.

  2. steve,

    blogger is familiar to everyone. and that's why i've stayed so long. it's cozy and easy to post on. it's linked to gmail ( a big plus) but i hate trying to read comments here. i hate leaving comments here. can't edit them, can't do much here actually

    even after all that, i'm still chicken about moving.

  3. Ew. This is a toughie. Currently I'm playing both sides since my personal blog is here and our family blog is at WP.

    Blogger seems to be the 'thing' right now where blogs are concerned and it means that most people (at least who I know) use Blogger and therefore comment via blogger.

    I switched our family blog to wp b/c it was easier to post pictures from.

    If your main motivation is commenting I'm not sure that's big enough to move to WP.

    You could always break out the pro/con list :)

  4. shelly,

    welcome to mediocrity and welcome to fmh!

    look forward to more of your comments.

    thanks for the feedback.

  5. I build all of my new blogs in wordpress. It's just a lot more powerful than blogger and looks far more professional. But my soloblog is still on blogger because I cutomized the template in such a way that I'm just happy with it. That, and I don't want to lose any of my readers in the move.

    But I would follow you to WP. Promise.

  6. I build all of my new blogs in wordpress. many do you have? and why?

  7. ok, the link in the OP is now working.

    i thought there was some conspiracy against me but i now realize that i'm an idiot when it comes to linking.

  8. hmmm... well, like jana, I'll follow you anywhere, the pro (for me) about blogger is I can subscribe to follow-up comments (and unsubscribe if I wish) but I don't seem to be able to do that with WP blogs (like fMh)

  9. I only have a minute, but please stay here. I hate that WP doesn't have comment notification.

  10. I'll go wherever you go; how lame is that.

    Djinn (in spite of the other login.)

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