Thursday, May 29, 2008


late last summer i pulled up the grass on my park strip. the official name is called rip your strip. i started to rip but decided that was way too much work so i put down some cardboard, collected tons of organic material and hauled dirt from a neighbors house to mine. i did some broadcast seeding of alfalfa and clover to put some nitrogen into the soil, added some random stuff from the beds near the house, planted some radishes to breakup the soil, gave it some water and waited.

sounds easy, doesn't it? well it wasn't. most days were over 100 degrees and hauling the dirt was exhausting because i made a couple of hill/mounds to add "interest"( = dozens of trips up to the neighbors). i might add that i had little to no help during this project.

well, look what i got come spring:

he happened to show up just as i done taking pics.

it seems the soil i used had some poppy seeds in it. what a pleasant surprise. it could have been a lot worse! (the cornflower was a gift from fMh artemis)

you know, it may not be the most "designed" park strip in the 'hood but dammit, it sure is the prettiest.

next up: pulling all the poppies out before they seed and planting the new stuff i got for mother's day.


  1. oh, don't pull out the poppies. I love poppies. And like you said, they're helping make your strip the prettiest in the neighborhood. Maybe poppies AND mother's day flowers?

  2. thanks for stopping by. it's nice to see new names around here.

    and thanks for the vote of confidence.


  3. Very pretty. I didn't pick up the perma culture book soon enough at the library and they sent it back. I'll check it out soon though, as we're getting closer to finishing our house and will need to start thinking about land scaping.


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