Thursday, May 29, 2008

to my two fans...

because two hits on my site meter is better than none.

thanks for playing along with me.



  1. oh derek, i thought that would make sense.

    i haven't checked my blog stats in so long and i noticed that i get three views a day lately because i don't update this thing.

    i figured it was galen and lessie who stopped by.

    oh well...

  2. I haven't been stopping by, but I've subscribed to the feed. Does that qualify me as a fan?

  3. Hey, you're right, I stop by from time to time to see what's going on. But I know you're busy now that you're also a perma on fMh.

  4. wow, you put up a bunch a posts quick while I wasn't looking. (yay! pictures!)

    and yep, I'm one of your biggest fans! (though you really should know you have more than just two)

    p.s. something is totally wrong with my sitemeter. it tells me that I have 0 visits, hits, etc.. everytime I check it. (that's more
    depressing than only two fans)

    gotta look into that.


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