Friday, May 30, 2008

i could give 2 poops if/what/how kids use the net, but i don't like hannah using it so much because its consuming too much room in her already free-thinking-is-for dorks brain.

niel and i have a low tolerance for media in our home. the internet is on a need to use basis and so is the phone. television is for watching movies or a special treat after all homework/chores/ect has been completed.

the quote above is from our typical afternoon chat. belle sent us an email-something to do with fan box-and we were both annoyed, to say the least.

are we wacked because we wont allow our kid to have a cell phone or unchecked use of the internet?

holy shit! we've become our parents!!!


  1. Our parents suck! Until they Rock! Drat. Growing up sucks. What could be worse than doing all those things you hated being done to you as a kid?

  2. "she'll thank you later" probably sounds cliche, huh?


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