Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm Tired.


  1. I'm tired and dizzy. So I win.

  2. djinn,

    that wasn't supposed to be a post. it was supposed to get saved into my drafts.

    but since you commented tell me what you are tired of.

    i'll start.

    i'm tired of narrow minded religious folk

    i'm tired of fox news

    i'm tired of those that are apathetic to the pres candidates

    i'm tired of trying to have a civil conversation with folks that don't want to hear teh truth (because the truth has a well known liberal bias)

    i'm tired because i have too many people to worry about that don't really give a shit about me.

    i'm tired of the finacial crisis

    but most of off i'm tired of spinning my wheels


  3. "i'm tired because i have too many people to worry about that don't really give a shit about me."

    i should clarify, i have too many people to worry about that also have too many people to worry about.

    i'm thinking it's time to scale down my contacts list

  4. hm, well me? I'm just fuckin tired! been painting a mural for several days now and it's kicking my ass (colors keep looking like shit) and making my hands and back and arms sore.
    but you win. you got bigger and more important things to be tired about.
    so go edit your contacts list
    and take a nap.

  5. i can't take a nap. i have to come to the job to get the check to pay the mortgage and buy the food and pay for insurance that sucks!

    i am trapped in the cycle that is life in america designed to keep me down.

    fuck! no. FUCK!!!!!

    and yeah, my contacts list is too long.

  6. I'm tired of being pregnant and big and awkward and waddly. And (in light of too many tragedies lately) I'm also tired of feeling bad for feeling this way.

    I'm tired of the words "socialist", "elite", "intellectual" and "feminist" being used as insults.

    I'm tired of Joe the Non-Licensed Plumber being the spokesman for the working class.

    I'm tired of my carpet. I'm tired of feeling like I'm always picking up after everyone. I'm tired of laundry and dishes and worrying about water.

    I'm tired of thinking about stupid family problems that I can't do anything about anyway.

    In a couple of days, I'll be able to add "I'm tired of eating eggs" to the list - Everyone's chickens are laying and we have 3 dozen to go through . . . Too bad you can't freeze eggs.

  7. I'm tired of the words "socialist", "elite", "intellectual" and "feminist" being used as insults.

    and by people who don't even know what they mean.

  8. I came back to add a few more -

    I'm tired of libertarians and their stupid, selfish, lame-ass arguments.

    I'm tired of right-wing pundits and their followers blaming poor people and minorities for the financial crisis.

  9. I share your tired list except for the following:
    1. Not pregnant.
    2. Not an artist so cannot relate to djinn.

    And I will add the following:
    I am tired of school and it's the second week back from fall break. Grad school is kicking my ass right now and I want to blow up the building.

    I am tired of unexpected bills making it impossible to catch up. Oh, BTW, you will have to pay $3,000 in 3 weeks. Good luck with that.

    I am tired of feeling guilty for not being home and silly for feeling guilty.

    I am tired of feeling tired.

  10. "Grad school is kicking my ass right now and I want to blow up the building."

    don't do that or else i can't fun for public office. my opponents will say i "pal around with terrorists"

  11. Oh yay! Does this mean I get to say we're pals?!?!

  12. Wait... or did you mean we are pals like Obama and Ayers are pals, meaning only passing acquaintances? sad.

  13. you can be my pal anytime. we can even meet up in my salt lake city living room, for tea (herbal of course)

    what i'm not tired of...really good massages. i just got back from one and i'm on cloud 9

  14. I'm tired of trying to be a dozen different things and therefore doing a lame-ass job on every one of them. All of them things I dearly love, and I can't make a choice between them (painter, poet, social commentator, historian, librarian, graphic designer, social/community activist...as well as the basic things like friend, husband, disciple, etc).

    I'm tired of ignorant hate (against homosexuals, liberals, "intellectuals," non-Christians, Christians, etc).

    I'm tired of people who are perfectly willing to make asinine statements about Obama, Nader, Democrats, or liberals, but who don't allow me to say anything about conservatives or Republicans because I'm being political and contentious (that would be my in-laws).

    Much like Eris, I'm tired of the cycle where every time I think we've got a handle on the finances and we have some room to breath, some unexpected expense says "gotcha!"

    I'm tired of feeling like we'll always live in an apartment. I know I should be happy I have somewhere to live, and I've no desire to live in a suburban McMansion. But I'd really like to have the choice and right to paint the bedroom purple...

    I'm tired of not having a family. I love being the favorite uncle, but I want a few to take home.

    And I'm tired of sounding like a self-centered whiny Gen-Xer, so I'm shutting up now.

  15. everyone

    i love your tired list.

    i think i'm gonna do this at fmh.

    derek, you are doing good. you're not a self-centered, whiny gen exer

  16. Quimby, you can freeze eggs.


  17. mfranti, thank you, thank you. We must discourage Eris from her thoughts of blowing up buildings. As the mother of Eris and the grandmother who would have to care for her children while she serves time in prison for terrorist acts, that would make me Tired. Tired. Tired.


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