Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vote Early

I can't stress this enough. If you want to avoid long lines, sore feet, back pain, gallons of frustration and loss of precious time, vote early.

In Utahthere are several places for you to go. It's fast and very convenient.

Please get up, get out and make your mark.


  1. Yep. Luv being able to get it out of the way days before the actual day. The only problem is that political ads are now many times more annoying. Kind of like how the pledge drives are so much more irritating after you've donated. "Stop bothering me! I already did my duty--just go away!"

  2. 2 things: First, thanks for the link to the early voting locations. I was just lamenting that I didn't know the hours or alternative locations for my early voting tomorrow. Now I know. I should have known mfranti would share the wisdom!

    Second, Derekstaff, do you really pledge? Man do I feel like a noodle head - I listen faithfully and never pledge. Maybe you can turn me in to Ira Glass next pledge drive.

  3. eris, as a local npr station volunteer, shame on you for not pledging.

    you must, even if it's only a few dollars give. i promise you will feel better.

    plus, if it's 40 bucks or more, you can have your choice of news week or rolling stone mag

    niel gets' the RS and I get the NW. we never let our scrip run out.


  4. ps

    that wasn't a for real shame. i was teasing. i totally understand not pledging.

  5. Yep, we pledge faithfully ever since moving to SLC and realizing we had KCPW on 24/7. I usually volunteer a shift or two during pledge drive as well. Before we pledged, the drive used to be a slightly annoying thing we would endure out of guilt. Now that we give, we can't stand to hear the begging.

    I'm not going to cast any stones at those who don't pledge. After all, I've been watching KUED for a couple decades now, more than I watch any other channel. And I've never yet had the integrity to pledge there.

  6. Maybe the problem is that I listen to KUER. I have tried KCPW but have trouble getting it clearly at my house... and they don't have anyone as dreamy as Doug Fabrizio. I like to pretend he is whispering in my ear.

  7. yes, yes, doug is dreamy.

    listen to tom ashbrook from 9-11 am on kcpw.org 105.3 or 88.3 fm and then swtich over to doug at 11. kcpw does a wonderful job with the local politics and issues. i promise, it's a better station (kuer is very good, just not as good)


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