Tuesday, October 7, 2008


For this first time in 10 years an NHL exhibition game was hosted at the E Center in West Valley. Sharks (3) vs Kings (1).

Exciting times for the Franti family.

here's the little miss at her first professional hockey game.

I haven't been to an NHL game in almost ten years. I used to see the Ducks play in Anaheim when I was a lass but at the time I didn't really know what was going on; I just liked the speed of the game. Then I met NF who was skating backwards when some of us were still riding "Incredible Hulk" big wheels. Many years later, I know how the game is played, I know the players, their numbers, their positions, their past teams and all sorts of stupid, utterly meaningless to my existence, facts about them. (I still have a major crush the retired Steve Yzerman.) Don't ask me how I retain all that gibberish either....I just do.

Unlike football or baseball or basketball where it's all about the star player, hockey is a genuine team sport that is played with incredible speed, intelligence, precision, and if your lucky, hard hits. Watching those men do what they do on a little pair of skates is damn impressive too. If you don't agree, spend an hour watching NF skate and see if you're not a little bit impressed at the skill it takes to maneuver on ice.

I only have a few regrets in life and one is not putting the kid in a pair of skates when she was teeny little grommet. ( then I would have actually have something in common with Sarah Palin other than brown hair and glasses) It would have been my college savings plan 'cause I'm sure those mid-west universities could use more female players. But alas, the child doesn't like to move beyond the top shelf of the refrigerator. Fortunately, she doesn't mind watching the a game with the family and asking good questions about the rules.

Almost makes me look forward to little grand-grommits.


  1. Have I properly thanked you for putting me on your feed? Thank you. On a slightly different topic, I may be in Utah in January. I feel, bizzarely, and perhaps prematurely, that we are friends. We could meet? over something than a DSL line?

  2. PS, you were an adorable child. The whole Hockey thing, I confess, I find bewildering. Hockney now, I'm so there. But then I run to the terminally boring.

  3. That picture is of my daughter. She is kinda cute, aint she?

    of course we can meet up. you tell me when and where and i'm there.

  4. Luc Robitaille. And can you believe Quimby that by hat trick I meant cricket? Let's tease her mercilessly.

  5. so, your sort of like... a hockey mom?

  6. grand-grommits! I love it! Seriously, I laughed and laughed.

    I don't know why, but sports in general have never really appealed to me. Not that I'm dissing the skill it takes to play hockey, it's just never appealed to me as a past-time, you know? But that's cool that you guys were able to go together and enjoy it.

    G, hockey mom, teehee :)

  7. STEVE YZERMAN!!!!!! Just thinking about him makes me melt... (I was a HUGE Red Wings fan back in the day.)


  8. that's right a canadian living in Norway. you are familiar with the hockey.

    my husband and his family are canadian/finnish and UPmichigan/finnish. hockey (and snowboarding) are in the blood.

    oh god, Stevie Y.. gush


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