Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday funny

It's really sad that the next V.P. of the United States is Sarah Palin.

Republicans, you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting that woman.

America, you are better than that.


  1. So, you think McCain's going to win?

  2. i have two thoughts on McC.

    first, after last night, he's throwing the election. He's gonna take one for the team so that they, the reps, can come back in 2012 and look like the good guys cause aint no way Obama, or anybody, gonna clean up the last 8 years in 4.

    second. racism is still alive and well in this country and even if McC takes a hit, the American voters will still vote for him. If he keeled over tomorrow, he'd still win cos all those old folks, who actually vote, will not vote for a black man.

    I know,I know, they almost contradict each other.

  3. I think I could laugh more if it wasn't so painfully true. ;o)

  4. That was too funny :) Thanks.

  5. I really think that Palin and Obama are pretty much similar candidates, both appeal to those who like them the same way.

    On the other hand, Obama really has a lot more likely chance of getting elected ... should be interesting to see what he becomes.

  6. And think of the tragedy of poor Michael Palin, no longer the most amusing Plain!!! Have Mercy People! (Stolen from one of the genius's of 20th century comedy, and the master of silly walks and Parrots.
    For you without a clue, Sara Palin left Wasilla with a deficit (Brand new) and bought off the Alaskan public by giving them the eolery single penny of the money from the oil companies--soooo all government services are being funded by deficit spending. Way to buy immediate popularity and totally sink the future of your state. Rock On!!!

  7. I think this race is Obama's to lose. I'm not sure he's any better than Palin, just a better public speaker.

    I disagree that if Obama loses the election that it is a race issue. Believe it or not, there are intelligent people who don't care for Obama. He seems like an snake-oil salesman to me.

    I realize I'm speaking ill of the Messiah and I apologize for offending your sensitivities.

    I plan to write myself onto the ballot as my vote in California is meaningless no matter who I vote for.

  8. Hi anon, do i know you from fmh? what is your name?

    i don't think obama is the messiah. i like him just like i like lots of people.

  9. Mfranti,

    I sometimes read FMH, but I don't think I've ever commented there. On occasion I'll run across something I agree with over there in a post,but by the time I sift through the comments section, I'm too drained or too irate to leave a coherent comment.

    Sometimes I read a post and it makes me laugh. I find myself wondering if the topic is really something feminists want to spend so much energy on.

    I realize the above has nothing to do with the post. My personal take on the views expressed on FMH and to some extent on what I've read on the individual blogs of people who associate themselves with it is that there is not really a desire to have a dialog with opposing viewpoints. Too often people go straight to the attack and characterize those with opposing viewpoints (usually people who are conservative) as idiots or less intelligent. Some of the smartest people I know are staunch republicans. These are people with PhDs, masters degrees, bachelors degrees etc that would at least indicate a moderate level of intelligence by most measures.

    I also live in California and have seen first hand the mindless sheep on the left side of the isle and the mud-slinging by leftists that they often accuse the right of doing. My experience is that people of both ideologies are largely the same, they just have different priorities. I'm a big time centrist and am probably a little to even-keeled for my own good when it comes to political debate.

    I do have to disagree with you on whether or not McCain will win the election. I really don't think he has a fighting chance. Unless congress shifts to a republican majority this election cycle, I hope he wins because I think the government works better when there is opposition between the branches.

    My name is Nate, but I figure if people are going to allow anonymous comments, I will comply with their wishes.

  10. thanks nate.

    about your comment about opposing viewpoints...

    there would be no fmh if it weren't for the abundance of conservative voices reminding us that we are wrong (no snark intended)

    the reason many women/men read fmh is because it's a haven for the progressive mind. i've been to many of the blogs on the nacle and they just don't have the same voice fmh has.

    so what if we waste time on stupid topics that some femisnists wouldn't.

    many of our readers are just discovering feminism. myself included. we provide a place for them to get a lot of 'stuff" off of their chests.

    but you know that. give us some credit for trying to be a place for the women who have felt like they need to keep quiet and never murmur and be the perfect/wife mom and don't have issues with faith, patriarchy, polygamy, etc.

    if those women wanted to hear the same conservative arguments, they'd hang out at m* or t&s. but they are tired, just as i was tired, of not feeling like i was good enough because i had thoughts contrary to the mainstream.

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. hope to hear from you again.

    ps. i'm glad we make you laugh. (even if it's in derision ;) )

  11. I didn't mean to imply that my laughter at the posts on FMH was derisive. More of a head scratching "what the heck?" type of laugh. People are entitled to their opinions and are free to worry about whatever they want, no matter how trivial I might think it is. Heck, I spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about stuff others would find trivial. For example, I contemplate how fast Superman could throw a baseball.

    I think the FMH is a relatively harmless site. The only issues I've taken away from it are stances that I feel are doctrinely out of line with the church. Again, people are welcome to those opinions, but I sometimes fear people who are not LDS will equate some of those stances with church stances, when in fact they are not.

    The FMH site has actually been a good thing for me. It's helped me to realize what my wife might be going through that she may not want to tell me about. I'm probably painting myself as insensitive or sexist by saying that, but I do my best to make sure I'm not a "patriarch" in our marriage. There have been a few things I hadn't even thought of that were brought to my attention via FMH. My wife thought I was nuts when I brought them up, but at least I tried.


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