Wednesday, July 2, 2008

cafe au lait off...

i likes my coffee. ain't no denying that. and yeah, i'm a sucker for the overpriced light mint mocha chip frappuccino that comes from the giant corporate whore that it is starbucks.

now, i ain't no financial know it all either, but when the the starbucks started popping up on every corner in the salt lake valley, my head shook and i had to laugh. not because coffee wouldn't sell well in our mormon mecca. au contraire...the faithful need to have a vice and i think the next step up from a diet coke is a frothy coffee smoothie--yum yum (i'm proof!)

i had to laugh because it was only a matter of time before all those trendy coffee houses would take a hit from our stellar economy.

so this morning when I awoke to news that starbucks would be closing 600 stores, i had a good snicker because my prediction was spot-on and then i felt a pang of sadness for the thousands of college students trying to squeeze out a buck and hopefully a better life in the process.



  1. Have you been in the newly remodeled Smith's on 4th South? Brand new Starbucks right inside the main entrance. Just opened last week. Go figure.

  2. ma dear

    i was totally thinking of that starbucks as i wrote this. there is one right across the street.

    silly, no?

  3. Kinda reminds me of all those years when there was a Washington Mutual in Smith's (or was it Fred Meyers?)and another WaMu branch exactly one block west.

    Ooooh. Weird convergence of blog themes. I am at this moment eating Ben & Jerry's COFFEE ice cream, purchased earlier today at the store where you bought your cool Pashley bicycle. :)

  4. Do you know, while I totally love tea and have tried some wine, I still haven't tried coffee? I keep meaning to, I just haven't gotten around to it.

    I saw a thing on PBS last night about Starbucks and how they're also trying to get back to their more theatrical practices of letting the customers watch as they prepare the coffee. It was kind of interesting.

  5. man...i friggin' love coffee. i wish i didn't like it so much. i might have to get a second job to support my iced mocha addiction that i fulfill at cocoa cafe now that i can ride my bike here. damn you, walkable city...damn you.


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