Monday, July 21, 2008


so exciting! so exciting!

i've waited a long time for one of these so you can imagine my surprise when i saw this little dude sitting in the chook's doghouse sunday after church.

the first eggs are really small. see it next to a regular egg.

(please go easy on my photo skills-i'm not the artist in the family)

when i get around to cooking it, i will take a picture of it's lovely yolk.

in other chicken news...

i attempted to segregate mr. woo from the hens yesterday and possibley wring his neck. and damn, if he didn't piss me off enough to do so. he's always the last to go in the dog house and always the first to run out. this time he got out and into my corn.

i was mad. frustrated beyond all reason (you try catching an aggressive rooster). i could grabbed a rock and stoned him to death that's how frustrated i was. by the time i wore him out, or scared him into submission, i couldn't do anything. there he was, cowering under some branches, squawking out of fear and i couldn't do anything except grab him by his feet and take him to the other cage.

i think it was his warm body that had me thinking i couldn't take the life of this critter.


i will try again later.


  1. WooHoo! And too funny about Mr. Woo. Good luck :-)

  2. I'd always thought that having to take care of livestock would make me empathize too much with my meal, and force me into pure vegetarianism. I hadn't considered the possibility that having a hand in the car of livestock might make me relish the bloodshed and enjoy eating it, a la Schadenfreude. Hmmm...

  3. haha! laughing at the image of you chasing a chicken. :)

    nice eggs! must feel so awesome to have them right in your backyard.

    i think i changed my mind about eating eggs. they kind of gross me out, smell yucky and leave a film in my mouth. oh well.

  4. chandelle,

    smelly? film in your mouth? you arent' eating them right.

    mind you that i've been eating eggs as a staple since i was old enough to chew them.

    in our home, it's our meat product.

    sorry you changed your mind. they are so yummy.

  5. derek, at the peak of my frustration, i might have taken great joy in killing him. i say that after the fact, because i can.

    wanna hear something funny. i saw the rooster copulating w/ ruby and now i'm a little weirded out to eat the eggs ( i got another yesterday) it's so silly, i know but the idea of a fertilized egg changes everything for me. i'll get over it.

  6. no, it's not that they small bad like something is wrong with them. i just don't like the smell of them cooking. it's especially intense with these local eggs. i never have liked the smell, actually - especially scrambled. as for the film, jeremy has noticed it as well. it might be the cholesterol or a certain type of animal fat that we haven't really had experience with for a long time. i've noticed the same thing the few times i've had cheese over the past year or so, a filminess that i never notice with plant foods. i probably had it all along and just didn't notice until i was only eating plants. [shrug] i do know how to cook them; i was wild and crazy with eggs back in the day. :)

  7. m, have you ever heard of balut? :)

    (no, don't really click on that link.)

  8. you totally messed with my brain on that one. where? how did you find that?

    perhaps, i will have to make another quiche with those eggs?

  9. how did i find it? you know how it goes in the internet world. one post on a vegan blog was talking about some food writer complaining about food blogs that are boring, so i went to the article, which mentioned this website, specifically mentioning that that eat the most bizarre things, like poison blowfish, living tentacles and yeah, that duck fetus thing, and even though every bone in my animal-loving body was crying out, i just had to see it. thus.

  10. Which fact are you announcing this after? The fact that you were frustrated, or the fact that you succeeded in killing him?

    I can understand feeling weird about eggs after something like that. Strange how we humans are: we know rationally that such things happen, but actually witnessing it changes our perspective.

  11. oh mel... I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD thinking about you murderously chasing mr woo around!

  12. we so want chickens. but no rooster. may i ask why you have a rooster? eggs are the meat in our house, too. will you be my chicken mentor when the time comes?

    sigh. i miss you. i wonder when I'll get the chance to see you again.

  13. mindy,

    the rooster was supposed to be a pullet.

    about chickens, pretty easy to take care of after their feathers come in.

    there's so many online resources...that's how i learned the basics and the rest you learn along the way.

    AND you can come and visit anytime you are in salt lake.


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