Wednesday, July 30, 2008

deep talk

conversation about the new look for fMh:

me: are you still willing to redesign the site?
mainly a new masthead and change of color. the pepto pink is old.

MR. mfranti :
can i go with all grays?

me: sure, why not? put a little pink pin stripe in there for nostalgia.

MRmf: 'cuz nothing says feminism like all gray.

MRmf: do i get a girly fMh pink shirt as payment?

me: sure, if you want one but that's the old style, gray will be the new pink.

MRmf: it's the gender-less new wave-everybody can be special because nobody's different.

or is it that when everybody's special, then special no longer exists, so everybody's now normal


  1. I did it. It has taken a will to get everything together, and then, well summer is crazy and who wants to write in the summer time, right? Now, I am back to needing to write. Thanks for the encouragement. I am glad I stumbled over to fmh. Anngb told me it would be life changing and it sure was. You guys rock! Oh, and if that is your partial face, your gorgeous! If not, you're still pretty :)

  2. thanks for the compliment.

    glad you got ambitious about creating your own blog.

    and is life changing. good and bad.

  3. all gray? yikes. I think I'll be there even less frequently. I like pink. :o)

  4. the grays was just joke, mindy.

    i think he was thinking uber masculine looking would be funny given it's a women's site. not that he would actually do that.

    but you know how chats go.

  5. what a relief! is gray masculine? I thought they still staked their claim on blue & red, like superman. :o)

  6. my site is gray. are you saying you don't like it?

    i do think it's masculine (this site) but i wanted it that way.

    i like it but if you don't...

  7. oh yeah there's supposed to be a smiley "hey i'm kidding face" next to my question about my site.

  8. :o) I actually like your blog's gray. It's more charcoal-colored, IMHO.


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