Monday, July 21, 2008


for some reason julie rose inspires me. i copy her all the time. cookies, clothes, fancy tea- doesn't matter to me, i trust her judgment.

so when i saw the beautiful quiche on her blog, i had to make one of my own. not bad for my first time. and oh so yummy!

thanks darlin'. miss you.


  1. yum! i love quiche, too. it's pretty much the one thing you can't reasonably replicate as a vegan. looks beautiful!

  2. see now theres something you can do with your eggs that won't leave a funky taste in your mouth (is it because you haven't had them in so long so you're a bit wierded out by them?)
    a little vegan cheese, lots of veggies and you got yourself some good eggy pie.

    thanks for the compliment. it really was beautiful. i don't make pretty food. i hated to cut it up.

  3. yep, definitely thinking about giving it a try. i think we'll still eat eggs from time to time, especially when we have our own, but i can't imagine them being a regular part of our repertoire. except maybe with quiche.

  4. yum!! i like quiche, and that looks like a fine one.


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