Monday, July 14, 2008

"Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler... "

I do my best to not be negative on this blog. I try not to complain about petty little things. I try to see the good in everything.

But I've had it. I can't take it anymore. There is no good to come of this.

Last August, When I got the promotion, I should have taken Mr. Bossman up on the new office.

But no....I wanted to stay up front, where I could do both jobs. Am I sick? Would appear so.

Actually, I'm a control freak. I didn't want some cute little ditz to come in and fill "my"position and then have to hear about how shitty she is from the guys. So I stayed up front where I can continue to get the good Home Depot coupons and make sure that "my job" gets done properly.

Now, I am regretting that decision. Not because I'm overwhelmed. Not because I can't do it.

But because I'm sick of people taking my shit. What the hell people!?!

Just because I don't have a door on my office doesn't mean I don't mind you taking my pens, rulers, calculators and all manner of office supplies. Because I do. I really do mind when you open my drawers and look for something you think you have to have without asking. I do mind when you hover about my desk and have juvenile discussions about politics, religion or last weekends trip when I am on the phone.

This is my office and just as I wouldn't walk into your office (you know, the office that has a door and a lock?) and shuffle through your stuff without asking, I expect the same of you. I'm asking for a modicum of respect when it comes to my workspace. Ok?

Now back the bleepity bleep off and stay the bleepity bleep away from my stuff!

/end rant


  1. Chah. Someone stole my favorite ink pen the other day. Sigh. I also have a coworker who has literally screwed and chained his stapler to his desk and another coworker who bought a cruella deville stapler so that if someone made off with it, she would know who had it.

  2. it's awful. if you comment about it, even politely, they will think you are complaining and being petty cus it's just a pen, ruler, mechanical pencil. (nevermind that a good pen pencil can cost a lot of money)

    could you imagine the horror if you opened someones door into their office and took their stapler? the owner would have a shit fit and probably lock the doors from then on.


  3. I just found your blog and I found this rant really funny. I got so sick of this I wrote my name all over my stuff (even though I hate that and think it's petty). Thanks for letting me read!

  4. um... well congrats on the promotion!
    having never had any propriatary claim on any office supplies, I will just take your word (and the word of so many others) about the ultra uber annoynance their theft causes!

    maybe you could have an office just for locking up your personals?

    or just send them all a link to this post?


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